Software Design

Sysmop Technologies software design team has years of experience practicing embedded software programming integrating software and hardware in a short time to market schedule.
We provide a complete embedded software design and coding services: 
 project  management
 requirements definitions
 software design
 software test planning and executing
 software coding
 hardware / software integration
 system verification and validation
  Our software experience includes:
 Firmware development
 Diagnostics design and implementation
 Upgrading existing systems
 Device drivers implementation
 Porting software across different targets and OS/RTOS
 Human machine interface in various platforms 
 Motor control (AC, DC, Stepper, Servo etc…)  
 Mechanical actuators control (Solenoids, encoders etc…)
 Sensors interface
 Data acquisitions
 Real time software
 Develop Board Support Package for OS/RTOS:
 WinXP embedded
 Windows Emmbedded

Implement different communication protocols on different infrustructures include:

  • Ethernet protocols: TCP/IP, UDP , ICMP, SNPM etc.
  • USB classes implementation : HID,  Mass storage , CDC , HUB, Audio, Imaging and more.
  • CAN BUS – high, low and medium speed
  •  NMEA 1.83 / 2000
  •  GMLAN
  •  Serial communication: synchronous and asynchronous, SPI, SSP, I2C,
     RS232. Microwire etc.
  • Parallel communication
  • LXI decives
  • Embedded web servers implementations
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